VLP -Virtual Learning Platform-

A new form of learning that can be experienced in virtual space

The project of VLP, Virtual Learning Platform, provides new places and learning opportunities for those who have been unable to attend school or participate intermittently in education support centers and students who need Japanese language education, using virtual spaces online.
The use of virtual spaces enables the efficient use of human resources to support students who do not attend school or need Japanese language education.
In FY2023, the VLP will be provided to 8 local governments (Shinjuku, Sumida, Shibuya, Nakano, Suginami, Hachioji, Komae and Tama) and 4 locations in Tokyo under the Lifelong Learning Division of the Regional Education Support Department of the Education Agency.

VLP -Virtual Learning Platform-
Business introduction

What is it like, VLP?

VLP is a virtual space constructed with 3D metaverse spaces that allow you to communicate by manipulating your avatar through GIGA device, such as PC or tablet.
Communication functions are implemented for daily use by students and employees of local governments.
In addition, the VLP contains sections such as study spaces and classroom spaces, as well as learning content such as programming education and Japanese language education. The content are available depending on the user's purpose.
New content and functions will be added in the future.

What is it like, VLP?_pc

Fun communication in many ways

VUsers can communicate with each other for different purposes such as one-to-many or one-on-one, using functions of avatar action and text chat.

  • Class


    VLP enables online classes by working with Teams and Zoom.

  • Group work/Interview

    Group work/Interview

    VLP enables small group talk and one-on-one meeting.

    Users can only talk to avatars inside the space.

  • Avatar communication

    Avatar communication

    Users can have a casual conversation between nearby avatars.

    Gestures can be used to express emotions through action buttons.

  • Text chat

    Text chat

    Text chat function is available in users' communication.

    Users can switch between open and private messages.

  • Exhibition/Poster session

    Exhibition/Poster session

    Exhibition of works and poster session are available.

    Audience children and students can react to a presenter with emotion function.

  • Screen sharing/Collaborative editing

    Screen sharing/Collaborative editing

    A whiteboard that can be co-edited is installed in the space.

    Users can project their own device's screen or webcam footage.

  • Custom Panel

    Custom Panel

    Administrators can place, edit, and delete multiple types of objects such as signboards and posters.

  • Attraction


    A transparent staircase is installed in the classroom space. Users can play simple games, such as aiming for a goal like an athletic game or competing for the score written on the spot where users landed.

  • Multilingual Platform (English)

    Multilingual Platform (English)

    Users can select English UI.

Enjoyable content for learning that users can do with VLP

VLP has various learning content such as WEB materials for self-study, programming materials and Japanese learning materials. Users can select the content according to their own learning situation.

Self-study web teaching materials


A textbook learning system for five subjects ranging from elementary school to junior high school

Dekitus starts with what part of the textbook the students want to learn, so they can learn at their own pace based on what they like or are interested in.
The system was developed with the aim of ensuring students understand what they are learning in school. It has a lineup of lesson videos and exercise questions based on textbook content in all five subjects. In addition, it is equipped with functions such as retracing and pre-learning in areas where students have studied or not studied, and develops students who are motivated to learn by themselves through experiencing the original enjoyment of learning.

Self-study web teaching materials Dekitus

Programming material

"minnade programming"

This all-in-one package is suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students, allowing you to learn everything from Visual programming to text coding, and is a teaching material that fosters programming thinking.
The content complies with the new curriculum guidelines and has an output function that fosters independence and creativity, enabling students to learn skills necessary for the future.

Programming material minnade programming

Self-study AI teaching material


A cloud-based e-learning system for improving basic academic skills that supports five subjects ranging from elementary school to high school.
"Surala" is an adaptive materials based on individual academic ability allow students to relearn from the weaknesses of their previous studies.
(*Only high school students can use this project)

Self-study AI teaching material SuRaLa

Japanese ICT teaching materials


"Surara Nihongo" allows anytime, anywhere to learn correct Japanese systematically and while having fun.
VLP is available for students from elementary school to high school, allowing students to study according to their Japanese level.

Japanese teaching materials SuRaLa NIHONGO

Project Promoters



JMC Co., Ltd. concluded an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a promoter of the VLP project and will support the construction and operation of the VLP. In promoting this project, we will work with business partners Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Lenovo Japan LLC to deploy online support staff, maintain and operate the metaverse space, and provide learning content.
Through this project, we aim to create an environment that children can easily use and an optimal platform that is close to parents.
We will do our best to promote the use of VLP, which is a place of support for children and students who need Japanese language instruction, and a safe and comfortable learning place for children and students who do not attend school, and to continuously improve its operation.