Event Report #2 ~Online Comedy Science Experiment Class with Professor Kuro-love~


Event Report #2 ~Online Comedy Science Experiment Class with Professor Kuro-love~


Monday, December 18
1st event: 17:00~
2nd event: 19:00~

Target participants

Elementary and junior high school students participating in VLP

The VLP project provides online events for students to connect with other people and increase their interest in the real world through various experience of activities and interactions with others.
This year, we plan to hold three different events for students using VLP.

As the first event, "Online Comedy Science Experiment Class" was held.
Professor Kuro-love, a comedian, took the stage and participated in two science experiments using balloons and potato starch. In addition, the story that he became a comedian with a university teacher while doing something he loved helped the children find something they loved and became interested in society.

At the beginning of the event, Professor Kuro-love introduced himself. He showed us pictures of his daily activities, with some chatting. In addition, the slides were full of "Boke" and Tsukkomi" like a comedy live show, and the scientific events that occur in everyday life were introduced in a fun and easy to understand way.

The first experiment involved dilatancy, a phenomenon in which a liquid becomes a solid when force is applied. This was an experiment using potato starch and water, and the children actually tried the "dilatancy fluid" experiment using pre-distributed materials. During the experiment, they used a camera and chat to share the changes in the potato starch they were stirring.

In the second experiment, children tried the rubber energy experiment using balloons. They actually stretched and shrunk the balloon under their noses while experiencing the change in the temperature of the rubber, and again, there was a lot of interaction, such as sharing the feel under the nose felt by the stretching of the balloon on camera and chat.

At the end of the event, we had a Q & A session. The children asked many questions about the experiment and science, such as "Why does the potato starch fall apart and take on its original shape when touched?" and "If I drop a Coke, why does it bubble up?" and Professor Kuro-love answered them one by one in a cheerful and easy to understand manner.

The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is going to hold events in its project, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Participants' comments

We received the following feedback or comments from the students who participated in the event.

We received the following feedback or comments from the students who participated in the event. "It was fun to actually do the experiment and to be able to ask the professor questions directly. Also, the professor's explanation was very easy to understand."

(4th grade of elementary school)

"I enjoyed the experiment. Also, Professor Kuro-love is funny."

(2nd grade of Junior high school)

"It was nice to see the children enjoying themselves! I thought that the terminology of science might be difficult because they are children who are in the middle of studying Japanese, but it was good that some people changed it to simple Japanese."