Virtual Learning Platform 2024 Wrap-up Event


Virtual Learning Platform 2024 Wrap-up Event


Wednesday, March 13
3:00pm - 4:30pm

Target participants

・people concerned the VLP project and municipalities using the VLP this year
・municipalities who will use/ want to use VLP next year and other local municipalities interested in the VLP project

The debriefing session for the VLP project covered a wide range of themes, not only the achievements but also the challenges of implementing such a project this year. The program was designed to address and share findings regarding the impacts virtual learning has on students’ behavior, exchange ideas with fellow members, expand the VLP network, and cultivate inspiration.

After the opening remarks from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the overall structure of the VLP project was addressed. Reports were given on the technical key features and characteristics of the VLP as well as the achievement and outcome of each municipality. Q&A session was provided at the end of the event.

After the project structure, purpose, and expectations, a general outlook of the project were introduced. It was also here that information regarding the expansion of the number of municipalities using the VLP was shared. Beyond Shinjuku Ward, a total of eight municipalities now uses the VLP. The project also includes three events this year.

The Promoter for the VLP project gave some information related to the lesson materials available on the VLP as well as the supporting staffs who help children on the VLP. They also delivered information regarding new funcitions and technical features added on the VLP this year.

Thanks to each local municipality’s presenter, we have learned educational management strategies and ways to respond to problems occured when we operate the VLP. We have heard success stories and matters of concern to be used as references for the use of the VLP in the next year and beyond. The event has also been provided for local municipalities those will start using the VLP next year to understand the best practices with the implementation of the VLP and points of attention.

As the presentation concluded, there was some additional time set aside for Q&A. The local municipalities planning to implement the VLP next year had an opportunity to inquire about how to use the VLP, best practices in response to problems that may arise and what factors to keep in mind when setting up a class.

In the next year, we will continue to work on increasing the number of municipalities using the VLP. If there are any questions related to this project, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Participants' comments

We received the following feedback or comments from the students who participated in the event.

"It was useful to hear about numerous advanced cases. We hope to continue the exchange of such information."

"There were many reference cases which were extremely useful when considering the introduction of VLP into municipalities."

"The event provided a clear outlook for the start of operation."

"It was helpful to get information about materials that need to be prepared such as parental notifications, guidance and leaflets."