Promoter Sponsored Event #2 ~ “Senpai” Talk-seminar with Foreign Roots ~


Promoter Sponsored Event #2
~ "Senpai" Talk-seminar with Foreign Roots ~


Friday, February 9, 2024

Target participants

Students with foreign roots and their parents/guardians (Number of seats: 30)

In the VLP project, we conduct online events with the aim of encouraging children to connect with others and gain an interest in the real world through various exchanges and experiences.
This time, we introduce an event sponsored by a promoter who has signed an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support the construction and operation of the VLP space.

This is a seminar event where you can listen to the experiences of "Senpai", which means your seniors in Japanese, with foreign roots. A senior who has roots in a foreign country will talk about his/her experiences such as going to high school, working part-time, and getting a job. In addition, you can also hear about the difficulties and hardships that your senior had living in Japan, and the stories of overcoming them, so there may be some tips for you to have fun in the future.
There is also time to ask questions, so it should be a kick to solve your problems. Please join us!

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Sponsor: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Virtual Learning Platform Project
Corporate Cooperator: Dainippon Printing Co., Ltd. (person in charge: Yoshida)