Event Report #3 ~Play with Miyazon! VLP Metaverse Party~


Event Report #3
~Play with Miyazon! VLP Metaverse Party~


Friday, February 9
1st event: 14:00~
2nd event: 15:30~

Target participants

Elementary and junior high school students participating in VLP

The VLP project provides online events for students to connect with other people and increase their interest in the real world through various experience of activities and interactions with others.
This year, we held three types of events for students participating in VLP: Online Tokyo Tour, Workshop, and Metaverse Party.

This was the last online event of the year, and we held a "Metaverse Party" to play with Miyazon in a virtual space.
Unlike previous events, we created a new space for the venue on the VLP. The event site has blue sky, grass and a big stage in the center, making it a large space like an outdoor festival.

We welcomed a very popular comedian, Mr. Miyazon, to the space as a guest, and had a fun time together, including a quiz competition and some games using avatar's movements.
In addition, we set up a program participants can directly ask questions for Mr. Miyazon, who is active around the world, so that they can develop their interests in society.

At the beginning of the event, after self-introduction by Mr. Miyazon and ice-break time, we all practiced the operation of an avatar together.
By jumping own avatar according to the display projected on the stage, and playing the same pose as Mr. Miyazon on the stage according to the chants of the host, we got used to using the an avatar while having fun.

After getting used to the operation, we held a quiz competition. Mr. Miyazon gave us three-choice quizes about himself, and the participating students answered by moving to the spaces labeled "A," "B," and "C" at the venue. During the quiz's thinking time and the announcement of the correct answers, Mr. Miyazon ran around to create interaction with the participants. After the announcement of the correct answer, Mr. Miyazon gave us his episodes of the quizes and live songs with guitar singing. Audience was very excited.

At the end of the event, we set up a program participants can directly ask questions for Mr. Miyazon using the microphone and chat function. In response to various questions from students, such as "What was the hardest thing about being a comedian?," "Which countries have you enjoyed so far?" and "What kind of child were you when you were young?," he answered each question politely and cheerfully, and it became a place where we could exchange hearts and minds.

The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is going to hold events in its project, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Participants' comments

We received the following feedback or comments from the students who participated in the event.

"It was fun because I was able to answer the questions correctly, ask Mr. Miyazon questions directly, and he told me that I'm so energetic!"

(2nd grade of elementary school)

"It was fun because I felt like I was there."

(6th grade of elementary school)

"I think it was a very good event because the children were able to ask questions directly to Mr. Miyazon and the atmosphere was like a festival."