Event Report #1 ~Online National Museum Tour with a popular YouTuber and Insect Doctors~


Event Report #1
~Online National Museum Tour with a popular YouTuber and Insect Doctors~


Wednesday, November 22
1st event: 16:30~
2nd event: 18:30~

Target participants

Elementary and junior high school students participating in VLP

The VLP project provides online events for students to connect with other people and increase their interest in the real world through various experience of activities and interactions with others.
This year, we plan to hold three different events for students using VLP.

As the first event, "Online National Museum Tour" was held.
Popular YouTuber, Mr. Daiki Mushioka and world-leading insect doctors from the National Museum of Nature and Science, Drs. Nomura (1st event) and Ide (2nd event), took the stage to introduce the museum's storage and research, which is not usually seen.
In addition, with a participatory quizzes on insects, we listen to stories about the experiences of speakers who became YouTuber and Ph.D.s because of their love of insects. Their stories will be opportunities for children to find things they love and become interested in society in the future.

In the first event, Dr. Nomura, who studies "Ariduka-Mushi" in the Animal Research Department, introduced a storage room that is not usually open to the public. The participating students took an interest in the insect specimens shown on the screen and actively listened to what Dr. Nomura had to say. In the Q&A session held at the end of the event, in response to questions from students, Mr. Daiki Mushioka introduced the insects that he actually raised in his room and told us about his interest in insects from his childhood.

In the second event, Dr. Ide, who studies "Tama-Bachi", started with a story that the bronze statue of blue whale in front of the National Museum of Nature and Science is a full-size scale, which attracted the interest of the participating students. In the video introduction of the storage room, there were quizzes and easy to understand explanations along the way, and it was seen that the students actively participated until the end. Also, at the Q&A session at the end of the event, Dr. Ide answered a question about bees, which we learned during the event.

The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is going to hold events in its project, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Participants' comments

We received the following feedback or comments from the students who participated in the event.

"I dared to be happy with Mr. Mushioka who I like very much! I like honeybees more than before!"

(2nd grade of elementary school)

"It was fun that there were so many things I didn't know!"

(5th grade of elementary school)

"It is very nice to be able to participate casually in zoom! I wish there were more events like this."