Announcement of new functions


Announcement of new functions

The project of VLP, Virtual Learning Platform, provides new places and learning opportunities for those who have been unable to attend school or participate intermittently in education support centers and students who need Japanese language education, using virtual spaces online.

Since its launch in September 2023, the number of VLP users has increased and we have been updating VLP functions. In December 2023, we added new functions in the VLP space.

1. For users

① Posting signboards and posters:
Multiple kinds of objects such as signboards and posters can be set on custom panels prepared in the space. Images and PDF content can be replaced.

② Screen sharing:
The screen of the PC at hand can be shared on the panel in the space.

③ Whiteboard co-write:
Users can use co-edit whiteboard in VLP space.

④ Attraction:
A transparent aerial staircase was installed in the classroom space. Users can jump and climb stairs.

⑤ Multilingual Platform (English):
・Users can select English UI.

2. For administrators

① Various restriction functions:
Functions that enable administrators to limit the functionality of the following functions:
Voice chat, Text chat, Emotion function, Whiteboard, Screen sharing function, Camera function, IP restriction, etc.

② Various log collection functions
Functions that enable administrators to collect logs for the following functions:
User's floor time, voice chat time, text chat log, and number of clicks on the display panel.

We continues to consider improving and adding functions in response to user requests. The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is going to hold events in its project, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.